8th of December is Constitution Day


Dear compatriots, we congratulate all of you on December 8 n Constitution Day. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan , adopted on December 8, 1992, is valuable to all of us, first of all, as a testament to the freedom of Uzbekistan.

We sincerely congratulate all the people of Uzbekistan and our compatriots on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of our Constitution! May the peace of our country and the purity of our skies never leave us. After all, the future of a nation that adheres to its encyclopedia will be great. It is not in vain that they say, “An envious hand is an honorable hand.” We wish success, good health, family peace and tranquility to our compatriots who are effectively working for the development of our country.


Team of the Main Construction Department of Syrdarya region!


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